Patreon is Up! Prints are Up! Up Up Up!

First of all - BAM. MY PATREON IS LIVE  -Finally! Right?


Third of all - I'm working on new things to apply for an upcoming show! So there will be stuff to share in the coming weeks! (but Patrons get an early look & process videos- GUYS. VIDEOS.)

Fourth of all - I have got to get better at this posting stuff. Sorry it's been so long! (follow my Insta or Facebook for more frequent posts) 

I Feel A Little Bit Legit This Week. 


HEY HUMANS! My show in San Fran is rapidly approaching and I am a little Tense! Can you tell? HA.

I recently finished what is probably the most complex, intricate painting I've made in a long time, my centerpiece for the show. My soul spun out in acrylics. I've spent something like 60+ hours of work slaving over this baby, between when I started it in December and when I finished it May 1st. Yes.

In addition to all this I finally (Finally!!) have prints that I'm happy with, which will be for sale at the show, then anything left will go up for sale both here and over on my etsy. I managed to get a decent deal on them so I can keep my prices under $35! (No seriously, the first person I contacted about prints wanted to charge me $36 Per Print, plus a boatload for the photography. - meaning my costs would end up about 55/print, which is really Not reasonable and would almost guarantee that I wouldn't even break even on them, forget pay my bills.) So in an effort to keep things affordable I got a better deal on photography and outsourced the printing to the glorious interwebs!

Stay tuned for updates, in the next few weeks, even if I don't sell them all at the show I do plan to get a print shop up and running in the coming months.

I feel a little bit legit this week, so cheers!


OH, GOD. WHAT NEWS. (Or: Hey, I Have Some Exciting News This Week!)

Hahahaha. I thought I'd wait to post until I had something to actually say, and that day has arrived! You may be asking yourself - has she finally quit pottery (& pretending to make things that will only end up as ash trays)? Never!

I'm so very pleased to announce that some of my paintings will be present (& for sale) at an upcoming show! Details and link below, if you have any interest in going please contact me directly or buy tickets through my profile!

Conception Art Show, San Francisco - May 20th, 2017

Cassandra Madison-Peters Artist Profile

This Week. What Even.

This week has been a psychotic roller coaster of greatness. I don't even have words to describe it beyond that.

Monday - I finished this beautiful bastard of a painting, a piece I started in order to spread the love of KKL (105.3fm) around my painting studio, and sent them this picture of it. Well. They emailed almost immediately to say they wanted the painting, and since it was one of a pair I couldn't split them, could I? 

Tuesday - I drove to SF to drop off the paintings, only to hear that day's show on the podcast that they'd put up the .jpeg on social media and it had a new name - The Monsta Lisa. Along with a ton of beautiful comments about his delicate hands and disgusting chest hair cleavage, two of my favorite aspects, the places where the gentile Mona Lisa and the weird, snarky Kevin "monster face" Klein collide. 

Wednesday - my pottery day, I'm still experimenting in my underglazes, but I think I'm working out a good method to prevent warping in my plates.

Thursday - Unbeknownst to me KKL brought on an art professor to critique the paintings I'd brought in, both Kevin as the Mona Lisa, and Ally as Edvard Munch's The Scream, and they basically reiterated to the world the things I love most about these works, the emotional distance between the ML and it's viewer, the anxiety and dread of The Scream, and how these interplay with my parodies. And frankly, I couldn't help myself, I called them to thank them. I love their show, and they made jokes and chat about my work for two days before pulling out the big guns and spending something like half an hour on the air devoted to something I've poured my heart into.

I don't know what tomorrow or this weekend will hold, but I'm sure it will be great.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, The Monsta Lisa:


Rain and Contemplation.

It's been raining here. Bad weather for pottery, nothing dries. But I don't mind it much, something about watching it rain is incredibly soothing. (Particularly true when you live in a nearly-desert and rarely get any rain.) 

Rain is one of the things I miss most since moving to the west coast. I'm fine without snow, but rain? Rain speaks to my heart. 

I've been trying to work out how much time in the pottery studio costs me per week in order to set a reasonable sales goal. Kind of digging the plates that I've been making, there will be more coming up to etsy soonish. Plus I've finally broken down and bought a mold for larger plates. We'll see what comes of it. 

Have a sketch.