I Feel A Little Bit Legit This Week. 


HEY HUMANS! My show in San Fran is rapidly approaching and I am a little Tense! Can you tell? HA.

I recently finished what is probably the most complex, intricate painting I've made in a long time, my centerpiece for the show. My soul spun out in acrylics. I've spent something like 60+ hours of work slaving over this baby, between when I started it in December and when I finished it May 1st. Yes.

In addition to all this I finally (Finally!!) have prints that I'm happy with, which will be for sale at the show, then anything left will go up for sale both here and over on my etsy. I managed to get a decent deal on them so I can keep my prices under $35! (No seriously, the first person I contacted about prints wanted to charge me $36 Per Print, plus a boatload for the photography. - meaning my costs would end up about 55/print, which is really Not reasonable and would almost guarantee that I wouldn't even break even on them, forget pay my bills.) So in an effort to keep things affordable I got a better deal on photography and outsourced the printing to the glorious interwebs!

Stay tuned for updates, in the next few weeks, even if I don't sell them all at the show I do plan to get a print shop up and running in the coming months.

I feel a little bit legit this week, so cheers!